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Well build the finest chicken coops in Massachusetts

Welcome to the farm!


King’s Berry Farm is a diversified farming enterprise established in 2008. Our farm is dedicated to creating a self-sufficient, sustainable farm model similar to the small family farms that this country was founded on. 


King’s Berry Farm is located at 123 North Brookfield Rd, East Brookfield, Massachusetts, 100 yards off of State Route 9, on two acres of prime farmland, and is owned and operated by Mark King. 


The farm, which started as a retail farm stand selling vegetables and fruit, has transitioned to an Agricultural Farm Animal Housing enterprise.  We build and sell sustainable farm structures such as backyard urban chicken coops, rabbit hutches, sheds, and firewood sheds for small urban gardeners and farmers who share the same principles of self-sufficiency. We deliver our structures all over southern New England; MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME.

We also sell Christmas trees and wreaths during the winter months!



Currently OPEN daily, 10am-6pm, for Christmas trees!

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